Greenville & Anderson Counties Top South Carolina’s Deadliest Roads

The Greenville News highlighted the dangers we all encounter driving in the upstate but the actual numbers are much more horrifying. White Horse Road and U.S. 29 have a combined 80 traffic deaths since 2012. South Carolina ranks #1 nationally in rural road fatalities.

The Golden Corner of South Carolina has a plethora of rural roads, distracted drivers, speeding drivers, along with drugs & alcohol. That mixture has earned Greenville CountyAnderson County rankings of #1 & #2 for the state’s fatality count in 2016. Not the rankings anyone in these counties want to be part.

Ironically, the 36 miles of I-85 that cross through Anderson County are considered to be some of the safest per mile given the large traffic count.

We should all work towards getting much lower rankings in these statistics. However, the more tourism and excitement around these wonderful places we live, the more room for error.

Just always keep two things in mind while traveling on the roadways of South Carolina:

  1. Call Trammell & Mills Law Firm, LLC if you, your family or a loved one is ever involved in a collision; and
  2. At fault driver’s hand their claim off to insurance companies that get paid to not pay you. Think about that for a minute. See #1.

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