Trey Mills: Tricks are for Kids

No doubt there are great lawyers in both the history of the world and of the United States.  Given the fact that I am part of Generation Y, let’s not get caught up in real world details or historic facts.  This ADD Generation enabled by the myriad forms of media outlets does not have time to look in history books or research the “real facts” unless they can be found with a Google search.

Therefore, why shouldn’t one of my role models be a fictional TV series, attorney from Boston Legal? That’s right, Denny Crane! If I were to look up to a non-fictional character in my community, abroad, or from the past, I would have to put up with fatal human flaws, unfounded stereotypes, poor media portrayal and may even become defensive over ignorant people’s opinions formed from other ignorant people’s opinions.  I can accomplish all that with Denny Crane and not be offended because he’s a fictional TV character.

Besides, Denny Crane taught me all there is to know about branding with social networking and being an attorney:

  1. State Your Name Clearly– Get it out there-early and often. I still get called Trip, Trevor, Flood, and other names of ill repute.
  2. Exude Confidence, Especially in the Face of Ignorance-it could be your own or someone else’s.
  3. Reward Yourself-doesn’t matter if you win or lose it’s all in how you thought youplayed the game.
  4. Stand Behind Your Beliefs-a quote I am quite fond of, “You got to dance with the one that brought you.
  5. Every Girl Crazy About a Sharp Dressed Man-ADD is kicking in. I know you probably lost focus after the first paragraph. So what do I have to worry about?

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