Answers for Costly Prescription Medication

The Greenville News had an interesting article entitled “Medicine Too Costly for More Patients”. The article stated:

The national recession is forcing more people to seek help getting their medications or to leave the drug store without their prescriptions once they learn what they’ll cost.

The article referenced the Partnership for Prescription Assistance as an option for those without insurance or health benefits.  However, I found some of the most helpful resources to be in the comments part of the article.

  • Kladywrote: “CVS, WalmartTarget and Walgreens all have a generic program in which you can receive a 90-day supply for $9.99 as long as your medication is on the list. The list has about 300 medications on it, so there is a good chance that doctors would prescribe something off of this list if you ask.”  (My research showed that Walmart & Target actually offered $4 generic drugs and Target had the most consumer friendly website)
  • Isuheidiwrote: “AnMed Health pharmacies also offer more than 230 generic drugs for only $5. You can find a list of the $5 medicines at anmedhealth.org.”

The rest of the comments debate the health care industry and the pharmaceutical industry. Another time and place for that article.

The South Carolina Commission for Minority Affairs has a list of all the Free Medical Clinics by county. Some of the relevant ones are pasted below:

  • Anderson
    Anderson Free Clinic
    414 North Fant Street
    Anderson, SC
    864- 226-1294

  • Greenville

    600 Arlington Ave.

    Greenville, SC


  • Oconee

    Rosa Clark Medical Clinic

    210 S. Oak Street

    Seneca, SC


  • Pickens

    Pickens County Free Medical Clinic

    303 Dacusville Highway

    Easley, SC




An aside: I find it to be quite racist that the SC Commission of Minority Affairs thinks only minorities need Free Clinics. This listing should be on all the public health and community related websites paid for by SC gov.

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