The Process of Hiring an Attorney

Trammell & Mills Law Firm – April 2022 Blog

The Process of Hiring an Attorney

If you find yourself in a situation where you think you need legal help, you should talk with an attorney.  It’s a matter of seeking professional help, like going to the doctor when you’re sick.  How do you know which law firm to call?  Can they really help you?  The Trammell & Mills Law Firm, LLC can walk you through the process at no up front costs.

First, define your legal problem. You’ve been in a wreck, got hurt at work, attacked by a dog, fell due to a store’s negligence, and/or suffered some other serious injury.  Each law firm handles specific types of cases, so find one suited for your situation.  At Trammell & Mills, we focus on wrecks, workers’ compensation, nursing home abuse, and personal injuries—like falls, faulty products, or dog bites.  We don’t handle DUI cases, family disputes, real estate closings or shoplifting charges.  We don’t recommend choosing an attorney based on who has the funniest TV commercials. We do recommend requesting to meet with the lawyer you saw advertised though because legal action is serious business. Good luck doing that on some of the most advertised legal ads you see on television.

When you call the law firm, be ready to tell a short version of your story on the phone, to determine whether you have a case.  Then the next step is to set up a consultation meeting, so the lawyer can meet you, get some details, and discuss options.  Most clients come to our office, but we can come to you if necessary.  Always ask if there’s a charge for that first meeting.  It always helps when you have notes, pictures, and other items to help validate your side of the story.

During your consultation, be honest…and ask a lot of questions.  Is your case worth pursuing?  Is the attorney’s office well established, or is it brand new?  Is it locally based, or just a branch of a bigger law firm in another part of the state?  Does the law firm handle your type of case often, and what types of outcomes are possible?  Can you settle out of court, or will a trial be necessary?  What kind of timetable can you expect for the whole process?  The more you ask, the better prepared you’ll be.

Make sure you’re satisfied and comfortable with your attorney choice.  If you’re not, then keep looking.  When you’re ready to move forward, you’ll need to sign a representation agreement, which is a written agreement outlining the terms between you and the lawyer.  Then you’ll be ready to pursue legal action to get the justice you’re seeking. Keep in mind that in South Carolina, you can not seek another attorney to assist you with the same matter once you have engaged the initial attorney. If you get frustrated with the process, schedule another meeting with your attorney.

If you’re an injury victim, find the legal services you need.  Keep all documentation, take pictures, and write down contact information for any witnesses. More importantly, call the local attorneys at Trammell & Mills Law Firm, LLC at (864) 485-8585 to take proper legal action, so you can get the payment you deserve. Actually, meet with a local, experienced attorney with the last name of Trammell or Mills.

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