An Advantage to Downsizing: Insurance Adjusters Turned Consultants

I receive several promotional emails, flyers, and mailers everyday but for some reason, an idea and a promotional email caught my eye.  As insurance companies try and become even more gluttonous with profits they are stream lining their claims process by shedding the intelligent, experienced, and knowledgeable adjusters for younger, inexperienced,”read from a script” warm bodies. These seasoned adjusters that are being replaced have figured out their years of service may be valuable to their adversaries, PLAINTIFF TRIAL LAWYERS!

Maurice Kraut of Mass, LLC, formerly an insurance claims representative for Ohio Casualty and Montgomery Insurance for over 30 years, recently provided some valuable insight to our firm.  No matter whether a litigation firm negotiates first and then files suit or just files suit, they still have to interact and work with insurance adjusters that assist in the evaluation and valuation of injury claims for their respective insurance companies.

Mr. Kraut helped evaluate our logistical approach to settling claims, settlement packages and content, and did some case reviews with us. I found his presentation to be helpful to my staff, myself, and more importantly to our clients that will reap the benefits of our improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Maurice Kraut’s website states:

“My 30 years experience in Claims Management along with specialized education and technical expertise has enabled me to achieve expert status in the following areas:

  • Bad Faith
  • Insurance Claims Handling
  • Insurance Claims Management
  • Coverage Issues
  • Liability and Damages Evaluations

I have testified in both State and Federal court cases. Please call me to discuss your case anytime.”

655H Fairview Road  #350
Simpsonville, SC  29680
(864) 757-1058

 “Change is the essence of life.  Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become.” — Unknown author

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