Where’s the Balance in Life for ________ (Attorneys, Doctors, White/Blue Collar Workers)?

This article was brought on by two separate contacts I had with friends inquiring about the satisfaction and enjoyment I obtained from doing my job. Both of these friends were fellow attorneys but working in different specialties. I was honored to be contacted by them because they are both hard working and intelligent individuals with what would appear to be great jobs. I was a point of reference as someone that truly enjoyed what they did and appeared to gain fulfillment, or satisfaction, in doing their job. That had not always been the case for me and I was delighted to know that my subconscious behaviors had eluded to the happiness in my life.

Even when I passed the SC Bar and became an attorney, my biggest goal was to pay my $125,000.00 in student loans off in three years (before I turned 30). All I worked for was money and how I could make more of it. I was looking past the people I could help, the experiences I could get, the good things I could do with my professional status, and the hard working reputation I could build. I also was fueled by hatred for insurance companies and how they had treated myself and my family when we were going through rough times (cancer). I would take my work home with me both figuratively and literally. I lived and breathed law and when I could not get any reprieve from it, I would drink until I could not think about it anymore.

I was miserable and hated who I was, what I did, and why I had not done more with the extra years I was given. Then I stopped beating myself up, stopped thinking about only myself, stopped worrying about trying to fit my whole life in what I thought was only 3 more years of living and just starting having fun. I realized I had to put my faith in myself to do the right thing instead of other people. I also concluded that whatever happens, happens and I can not control other people. The Serenity Prayer is not solely for alcoholics. It’s great for every day application for anyone. Life is so simple if you just allow it to be.

I had felt my life was in a rut and I never wanted to live like that given the second chance at life I had been given. I always wanted to travel the world, sail the seas, be in movies, date models, and live on islands. However, I also wanted to help people, earn a higher educational degree, and run my own company. In choosing the higher educational degree, I failed to think about who would pay for it and how much it would cost in resources and time.

Now that the student loans are paid down to free money (federal loans at 1% interest) and I have enough investments to pay off my debts, I guess it is time to travel the world, sail the seas, be in movies, and live on islands.   I already consider the girls I date to be more beautiful than models, if not models themselves. ; )

Or, I could continue to do what I enjoy: helping people, suing insurance companies, and getting paid to do it.

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