Is There an Attorney On Board This Plane?

On a recent flight the pilot came across the intercom and asked if there was a doctor on board due to a passenger’s need for immediate medical attention.  To the contrary, I have never heard the above entitled question, “Is there an attorney on board this plane?” Given the hundreds of passenger’s on that plane, I would imagine several were in dire need of some legal assistance.

Although legal questions and issues don’t have the life and death nature of serious medical conditions, they can cause physical, mental, and emotional duress to the participants on both sides of the issue.  There is no need to be timid about going to see or hiring a lawyer for an issue that is out of your hands or outside your professional expertise.

We all know to call a plumber when the pipes are causing problems; a carpenter when there is need for some structural repair; and a doctor when our health is failing. There is that percentage of people that are capable and able to do it on their own but sometimes even the smallest projects need to be done right or they will have to be repeated at a much more costly rate.

Don’t be afraid to seek out the assistance you need when it comes to legal issues. You may not want to shout out on a plane, “Is there an attorney on board?”, but when it lands you may want to inquire in the Yellow PagesTalking Phone BookInternet, and/or friends and family.

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