Crash Course: Personal Injury Law

You’ve probably seen and heard a lot of commercials for law firms. Many of them insult your intelligence with cartoonish catchphrases or screaming phone numbers but they don’t actually talk about practicing law. At Trammell & Mills, we don’t play those games. We treat our profession—and your legal issues—with respect.
Our law firm is dedicated to the practice of Personal Injury Law. That means we fight to protect the rights of people like you who suffer serious injuries caused by others or by faulty products and get them paid fairly. We don’t handle criminal defense cases, divorces, or DUI charges. Our goal is to get injured people the money they deserve. Here’s a quick crash course on the client categories we cover:
Workers’ Compensation – Lots of people suffer injuries while at work. If you get hurt on the job, your employer is supposed to file an insurance claim so you can keep getting paid while you recover. But some companies drag their feet and greedy insurance companies don’t want to pay anyone anything any time. We know the law and we can help cut through the red tape to push along the payment process.
Car and Truck Crashes – Wrecks happen every day on interstates and side streets. All too often, car and truck drivers are distracted or just careless. If you become a victim in a wreck, cooperate with the police and exchange insurance information. Don’t be afraid to seek medical attention if you have injuries. Don’t ever take advice from the at fault driver’s insurance company, that is like listening to the Devil on how to get to Heaven. Then contact us, so we can make sure you get fairly paid for any medical bills, lost wages, or scars and to keep watch on your insurance claim process.
Slip & Falls and Dog Bites – Some accidents occur on other people’s property. When this happens, whether it’s an injury from falling or a bite from someone else’s dog, the owner needs to be held responsible. We apply the law to hold them legally liable, so you get paid what they owe you.
Defective Products, Vehicles, or Machinery – Sometimes, a product you buy just doesn’t work properly. It could be a car, or a power tool, or a household appliance. When you get injured as a result, the manufacturer or seller needs to compensate you for your expenses. That can be a tricky process, so you need legal help to make your claim.
Nursing Home Abuse – When an elderly relative needs the assistance of a nursing home, you trust and expect them to live there safely. Sadly, that’s not always the case. If you suspect any kind of abuse, neglect, or mistreatment- call us immediately. After an investigation, we’ll prosecute any heartless abusers aggressively. Our elders deserve better than that, and nobody should tolerate it.
If you suffer a personal injury in any of these categories, we’d be honored to put more than 50 years of legal experience to work for you. We’re local attorneys based in the Upstate, and we’re ready to help. Call Trammell & Mills at (864) 485-8585 to take proper legal action for your injury, so you can get the payment you deserve.

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