Insurance Companies Love Your Apathy, Passiveness, & Shallow Pockets

I was talking to a psychiatrist at  a party once that asked what I did. I explained that I was a plaintiff’s lawyer and helped the poor, impoverished David’s of the world fight the big Goliaths, such as insurance companies. He laughed and said, “So the insurance company drags things out hoping that your clients will lose interest, motivation, or just give up?” I was shocked because in one sentence he outlined the crux of the insurance company defense and modus operandi.

If you have a case where an insurance adjuster is involved you need to know some things:

  1. Insurance adjusters do not work for you, they work for the insurance company. As much as you would think that they are on your side, being a good neighbor, or wrapping their good hands around your back instead of your throat, YOU ARE WRONG. They work for the insurance company and are valued based upon the money they make their company, which means minimizing what they pay out to you.
  2. Just because insurance companies make billions in profit a year doesnt mean they will just write you a check. See #1 above. These insurance companies make billions in net profit because they have way more suckers, ie people, paying premiums versus what insurance companies pay out in claims.

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