Trammell & Mills Blog – Seven Common Workers’ Compensation Claims

You’ve heard lawyer commercials that invite you to call “if you’ve been hurt at work.” But what does that mean? If you suffer certain types of injuries while you’re performing your job, you have a right to file a Workers’ Compensation claim to pay for your medical treatment, work missed due to being hurt, or long-term effects of the injury. Here are some of the most common reasons for Workers’ Comp claims:

Slipping, Tripping & Falling

Workplaces can be loaded with hazards that cause slipping or tripping and falling. There could be a water puddle, or machinery could leak fluids onto the floor. Sometimes, there are objects in a walkway that shouldn’t be there. Any of these could cause an employee to lose balance and fall, resulting in bruising, sprains, or even broken bones. However, as long as you are hurt on the job and provide notice at the time of the injury, you are covered.

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Some jobs require employees to perform the same tasks over and over. Using the same set of muscles with great frequency can lead to Repetitive Strain Injuries, or RSIs. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a hand and wrist that’s common among employees who use a computer or work on assembly lines. Any RSI can lead to pain, swelling, and reduced use of the affected area.


Overworking part of your body can cause a pulled muscle, a torn tendon, or dislocation of a joint. This can come from lifting too much, or from unnatural body movements while doing your job. In hot work conditions, overworking without proper breaks can cause heatstroke or dehydration.

Dog & Animal Attacks

Some jobs require workers to go where there are dogs, cats, and other animals that might have a violent side. Utility work and home delivery have risks, and bites or scratches can happen.

Traffic & Vehicle Injuries

Many of us must drive while performing our jobs, and traffic accidents are a definite threat. There are lots of careless and distracted people on the roads, and if you’re a victim in a wreck, there should be a workers’ comp claim in your future, along with a “third party claim” against the at fault driver. We can help with both claims as they have to be handled with respect to each other.

Burns & Smoke Inhalation

Mechanics, machinists, and even electricians face many job hazards. So do folks who work around fires. Hot temperatures, electrical current and open flames can lead to serious injuries.

Machinery Accidents

Any factory, plant, or construction site with heavy machinery poses a potential risk. It only takes a second for an accident to cause serious harm.

If you suffer any of these workplace injuries, notify your supervisor immediately. In South Carolina, you need to report within 90 days. Employers should file a workers’ comp claim quickly, but that’s not always the case. If you run into red tape with your employer or the insurance company, call 864-485-8585 and let the professionals at the Trammell & Mills Law Firm help you get the money you deserve.

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