I Already Got an Attorney

I dedicate this song to all those sorry sack of s*& attorneys that steal clients from other attorneys after they sign them up.

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I Already Got An Attorney 

Verse One:
Aiyyo sweetie, you’re lookin kinda hurt
What’s a client like you, doin rubbin their face in the dirt
I’m just here, tryin to hold up my frown
Yeah, I think I like how that sounds
What you say we gets to know each other better?
That sounds good but I don’t think that I can let ya
I don’t know, tell me is it so
Do you get a kick, out of tellin attorneys no?
No it’s not that see you don’t understand
How should I put it, I got an attorney.
What’s your attorney got to do with me?
I told ya
I’m not tryin to hear that see
I’m not one of those clients that go signing up all around
I’m not some defense attorney, so don’t play me like a clown
I’ll admit, I like how you litigate it
Now you’re talkin baby, dats da word of mouth I need
Now don’t get excited and spewing legalese
I already told ya, I got an attorney
What’s your attorney got to do with me?
I got an attorney
I’m not tryin to hear that see
I got an attorney
What’s your attorney got to do with me?
I got an attorney
I’m not tryin to hear that
Now you can persist to play King of Torts all day
But ain’t nothin gonna change
Yeah baby, sure you’re right
I’m a break it down and do whatever I gots to do
I tell you now, I got a personal investigator already working for you
You got eyes, but they not for me
You better use them for what they for and that’s to see
You know what’s the problem, ya not used to greed
I’m Big Daddy Warbucks, and your attorneys picking up somebody’s Starbucks
I got a question to ask you peep
Are you on the Trial Lawyers Listserve, cause its got a leak
You know what they say about those who represent themselves
You might find the fool, by yourself
I’m not waitin because I’m no waiter
So when I litigate that big case, don’t try to kick it to me later
All them other clients must got you gassed
A-when they see a good thing they don’t let it pass
Well that’s OK, cause see if that’s their plan
Cause for me, I already got an attorney
What’s your attorney got to do with me?
I got an attorney
I’m not tryin to hear that see
I got an attorney
What’s your attorney got to do with me?
I got an attorney
I’m not tryin to hear that
What am I, some PI paying off low life ambulance runner
that just caught wind of a death case and sweatin you for a date?
I don’t want no beef, I just wants to strike you with leather
But how you talkin, pssssh, whatevah!
We can’t have nothin
It all depends
Well if we can’t be professionals than we can’t be friends
Well then I guess it’s nothing
Well hey I think you’re bluffing
Well I’m a call my attorney
Well I am going to be huffing and puffin about not knowing you had an attorney
Ya better catch a flashback remember I’m the King is this small town
You know my style, I don’t let nobody hold me down
All I remember’s an excuse me miss
You can’t get a client like me with a lame ass runner like this
Well look I’ll get you paid
My attorney gets me paid better
I talk sweet on the phone
My attorney writes me letters
I’ll tell you that I want you, and tell you that I care
My attorney says the same except he’s sincere
Well I’m clean cut and dapper, that’s what I’m about
My attorney reads me things and lets me pout
Well you can keep your attorney, cause I only go the money route
Don’t you know you better respect my authority
There’s a lot of clients out there who won’t say no
You’re out for numero uno
Boom batter my pockets is gettin fatter
I wanna treat you up and provide for you
Let me know the spot on your body and I will have a doctor treat you
So when your attorney don’t treat you like he used to
I kick in like a hen house Rooster
You want lawyering you don’t have to ask when
Your attorney’s a headache, I’ll be your aspirin
All confusion, you know I’ll solve em
I got an attorney
You got a what?
How long you had that problem?
What’s your attorney got to do with me?
I got an attorney
I’m not tryin to hear that see
I got an attorney
What’s your attorney got to do with me?
I got an attorney
I’m not tryin to hear that
I got an attorney
Aiyyo baby put the dial numbers or your address
I got an attorney
I told ya I treat you right
I got an attorney
Aww c’mon now ain’t no future in telling the truth
I’m not havin it
C’mon Miss, oh we back on that again
Uhh, I’m not tryin to hear that see
I got an attorney
But your attorney ain’t me
Uhh, uhh, I got an attorney
You got a WHAT?
Uhh, uhh, uhh, I got an attorney
You got a WHAT?

You hear that ___________ Law Firm, they already got an attorney!



Positive K – I Got A Man – Positive K


What Can I Do About Property Damage to my Car After a Wreck?

Don’t panic. You have just been in a wreck and your vehicle was totaled or determined to be undriveable. The other driver was put at fault by the investigating officer. What do you do now?

  1. Take note of which towing service takes your vehicle. This is after you take tons of pictures to the damage on your vehicle and the other vehicles.
  2. Contact the at fault driver’s insurance information that is located on the FR-10, or green incident report, completed by the officer.
  3. Report the wreck to the at fault driver’s insurance company but do not agree to a recorded statement or further inquiry on the phone.
  4. Identify to the at fault driver’s insurance company that your vehicle was damaged and you need a rental.
  5. If the at fault driver disputes the officer’s determination of liability (that they were indeed at fault) then the at fault driver’s insurance company will dispute paying for your vehicle and giving you a rental.
  6. Order the more detailed FR-50, two page accident report, from the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles.  (You will have to send in $6.00 so click on the hyperlink for the address).
  7. Demand a rental car of like kind. They will say no, but ask and plead anyway.
  8. If your car is determined to be “totaled”, then you will need to determine the value of your car based upon its mileage, year, overall condition, and essentially what it would take to replace exactly what you had before the wreck.
  9. Go to comEdmonds.comNADAguides.com, or KBB.comand try and find a vehicle just like yours within a 50 mile radius of where you live to get an idea of what your vehicle is worth. Send those examples to the adjuster if you do not like the number they offer.
  10. Two (2) claimsarise out of the majority of wrecks: a property damage claim and a personal injury claim.  Make sure if you settle your property damage claim that you ONLY settle your property damage claim and not your personal injury claim. Yes, insurance companies trick people all the time by having them sign away both claims.
  11. If the at fault driver’s insurance company is taking an inordinate amount of time and you have coverage on your insurance, then file your property claim with your insurance company. Yes, the otherside was at fault but this will get the problem solved and you will be reimbursed your deductible when the at fault driver’s insurance company finally pays.
  12. If you are not provided a rental vehicle immediately after the wreckand you are without your vehicle for a period of time before you are offered a settlement on your property damage. You are entitled to “loss of use” for the time you are without your vehicle. The owner may recover the value of the automobile’s use during the time in which he was necessarily deprived of its use. Adams v. Orr, 260 S.C. 92, 98 (S.C. 1973).

My clients are most frustrated with property damage. I am most interested in your personal injury claim. That is why I provide you with this very comprehensive guideline when dealing with insurance companies over property claims.

If you have questions about your insurance policy, read my “Full Coverage” article.


Higher Gas Prices May Equal Lower Roadway Fatalities

Ron Barnett of “The Greenville News” reported that:

If there was an upside to spike in gas prices, it could be that it helped save more than 150 lives by reducing the number of miles driven on South Carolina highways…..

The ups and down of the economic woes we have faced over the past year or more continue to have their far reaching impact.  Likewise, I indicated that drivers were forgoing their insurance premiums as another way to cut costs.

As Mr. Barnett indicated in his article:

Greenville, the state’s most populous county, had the most traffic fatalities in 2008, 70, a decrease from 88 the year before.

The number of roadway fatalities in Pickens County fell from 26 to 17, while Oconee dropped from 24 to 14, Anderson went from 49 to 27 and Laurens was down from 17 to 15, according to the preliminary numbers.

The increase in highway patrolman was also credited as a potential factor in the decrease in fatalities.  As prior articles have indicated:

  1. Biker Deaths were on the rise;
  2. November is the peak month for deer collisions; and
  3. Nobody plans on dying in a freak accident.

Keep driving safely!


South Carolina Foreclosure Sale: My Personal Experience

The current home I live and work out of is on the West End of Greenville, South Carolina:

The current Greenville County Master-in-Equity, Judge Charles B. Simmons Jr., provides an excellent “Primer for Mortgage Foreclosure Sales” on the Greenville County website. Judge Simmons highlights 14 points that are important if you decide to embark upon this path during the recent economic climate.

As an attorney and real estate investor, I felt confident in the process because I had bought foreclosure sales before from banks but not “on the courthouse steps” so to speak. I made several mistakes and got lucky. I do not trust that luck will get me through again so I share these tips:

  1. Always have title work done/checked on your prospective foreclosure house!– The house I bought was being foreclosed upon the “Smith” family-seriously.
  2. Physically go see the house. Don’t trust internet services or court records. I visited my prospective house but never got inside. I knew I was going to “gut” the inside to my liking but wanted the “bones” to be good. On another home I went to go bid on, I went by the morning of the auction and there was no house on the lot, just a lot. Imagine how high I would have bid for what I thought was a house and a lot.
  3. Factor in more time and/or money if it is inhabited. I paid for the first month’s rent and moved the inhabitants of my foreclosure house out because I had just sold my house. I was on a tight time frame with repairs and knew how slow the eviction process could be if disputed or fought.  “Honey attracts more flies than vinegar.”
  4. Have financing and closing attorney already arranged. You only have a short turn around time to complete the closing on the house after you put your deposit down the day of the sale. Likewise, you can’t move in or make repairs until you have title, ie close.
  5. This is not a “new” thing. Some people make their living off of buying homes in foreclosure sales. You may very well find a great deal but don’t think you will be the only one there.

Anytime there is an opportunity for reward there is a risk. Foreclosure sales are the poster children for inherent risks. Do your homework and you can capitalize.  Have fun and enjoy your new experience.

If you would like for me to forward you the recent article entitled, “Prudent Bidding at a Foreclosure Sale,” by Clifford P. Parson and C. Joseph Roof that was published in the January 2009 edition of the South Carolina Lawyer, please email me (trey@trammell-law.com) or post a comment request.

A side note: I do civil personal injury law, not real estate law. Outside of paying lots of money for a “Real Estate” class in law school and visiting the records room of a Georgia courthouse, I have no real estate law experience.


Older Lawyers vs. Younger Lawyers: Just an Observation

I have only been practicing law for three years now. Not enough to call myself an expert at anything but a little more than a rookie.  I never wanted to be a lawyer and only knew one lawyer growing up, Hank Bufkin. I would not describe him as a stereotypical attorney but certainly a professional in every sense of the word.

I have observed some amusing differences in older attorneys (o.a.) vs. younger attorneys (y.a.) outside the obvious age difference. My observations:

  1. Practicing law back in the day was steeped in tradition, formalities, and camaraderie unparalleled to today.
  2. A.’s don’t want to mess with social media, aka web 2.0, bullshit. Their education afforded them intelligence with the written and spoken English language so they will write letters and make phone calls.
  3. A.’s have given their patience enough practice over the years, you best not push it. I have only sat through several dozen depositions; I could not imagine several hundred. The same with client interviews.
  4. Cynicismgrows with age. (I asked for assistance from Bradley Bledsoe and this was his first response.)  After reading one definition in Wikipedia that stated: “a disposition to disbelieve in the sincerity or goodness of human motives and actions” and a tendency “to express this by sneers and sarcasms”.  I thought immediately of an O.A.-  Bill Duncan a Travelers Insurance defense attorney, that I work against often.
  5. A.’s exemplify their generational gap in the lack of attention to detail and desire for immediate satisfaction, settlement, or disposition as it relates in law.
  6. A.’s grow more skeptical with the so called “partner track”(Click for WSJ article). I think some of my peers have had their eyes opened by Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme and see some striking similarities. Young buy in, old get return on investment.
  7. Regardless of age, I have noticed that there are going to be those that work and buy into the system. While there are those that don’t buy into or work for the system.
  8. A.’s like acting like lawyers, while O.A.’s like being lawyers.
  9. A.’s look up Latin phrases. O.A.’s know Latin phrases.
  10. A.’s are more inclined to interject light heart ed, comedy, or off handed comments in a legal setting, while Y.A.’s are more inclined to be professional “on set”. I attribute this to the  experience variance between the two. O.A.’s know what they are doing in a courtroom, for the most part, and are more confident.


Wrote a song about it. Like to hear it? Here it Goes!

Young attorneys and older attorneys are different. Ahhhhhh Haahhhhhh! Thank you very much!

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