Car Accident Attorney at Greenville, SC Trammell & Mills Law Firm

Motor vehicle accidents, tractor trailer collisions, Interstate 85 collisions, slip, trip, and fall cases, product liability claims, dog bite cases, and other injuries incurred by the negligence, ignorance, or omissions of others comprise the term “personal injury.”

Anyone involved in a personal injury should seek the proper medical care and attention immediately and consistently to remedy themselves from the injury they have incurred. If you are able to document what has caused you this injury through pictures, a journal, or recordings feel empowered to do so as it will only help your case moving forward.  Don’t ever trust that officials, investigators, medical professionals, or anyone else is doing what is needed to ensure you success with your personal injury case without consulting Trey Mills.

In a motor vehicle collision case, don’t assume the other driver’s insurance will cover your damage or injuries. Not all drivers are covered. Insurance companies will do everything possible to avoid paying the full price for damage or injuries. Beware of quick payment offers made before the full extent of the damage or your injuries has been determined. An experienced personal injury attorney can walk you through the entire process, and make sure you’re paid properly.

Our firm has over 60 years of experience in handling personal injury claims, and Mr. Trey Mills will gladly consult with you about your case.


The legal system can be an overwhelming and intimidating process to go through, and choosing a lawyer to best represent you is no easy task. It’s only natural to want to find the best lawyer possible to represent you, and a good lawyer can mean different things to different people. Some might say that you only need to be well educated and experienced, yet aggressive in the courtroom. Others might say that it’s more important to be intuitive and think outside the box.

It takes all of these qualities to make a good lawyer, but what separates a good lawyer from a great one is genuine compassion and care for every client. At Trammell & Mills Law Firm, LLC, we’re confident that we have great lawyers dedicated to successfully resolving your legal issues.