Most of the products you buy or use work just they way they should – a lawnmower, a piece of furniture, or even a cell phone. If one doesn’t work right, an injury to you or someone in your family can be the result. When that happens, you’ll need legal help to get the compensation you deserve.  Product manufacturers aren’t in the business of paying when something goes wrong, so you need the strength of the law to get payment for injury.

Trammell and Mills Law Firm knows the law surrounding product liability, and we know how to pressure manufacturers into paying fair compensation when their product is at fault. Don’t allow yourself to be the helpless victim of a product malfunction that causes an injury. Let our experienced attorneys help you get proper payment and on your way to full recovery.


The legal system can be an overwhelming and intimidating process to go through, and choosing a lawyer to best represent you is no easy task. It’s only natural to want to find the best lawyer possible to represent you, and a good lawyer can mean different things to different people. Some might say that you only need to be well educated and experienced, yet aggressive in the courtroom. Others might say that it’s more important to be intuitive and think outside the box.

It takes all of these qualities to make a good lawyer, but what separates a good lawyer from a great one is genuine compassion and care for every client. At Trammell & Mills Law Firm, we’re confident that we have great lawyers dedicated to successfully resolving your legal issues.