Allstate Insurance’s “Good Hands” are Wrapped Around Your Throat!

I can’t stand by silently watching so many people be duped by the calm, collective gentleman touting the wonders of Allstate Insurance Company through it’s “accident forgiveness”, “safe driving bonus”, & other cute deductible programs through a commercial or website. Reminding people they are in “Good Hands” with Allstate. Those “Good Hands”:

Let me share another perspective of Allstate Insurance Company (sucks) that you will not find out about until you actually need to use them through a claim, injury, or traumatic event where someone hits you and has Allstate Insurance. Or better yet, and I love it when I explain this to clients, YOU have Allstate Insurance through your Uninsured or Underinsured insurance coverage and they:

  • deny your claim or play hardball;
  • Delay your claim; and
  • Or the funniest, make you have to file a law suit while they defend the at fault party. That’s right they (Allstate) defend the party that caused you injury while you try and get compensated through your Underinsured coverage.  Ask a representative today if you think I am lying.

If you have never had to file a claim or utilize the benefits of your own insurance coverage then you have no idea the process that you have to go through when dealing with Allstate.

Allstate may provide you with a couple dollars savings over another insurance company on the front end but what good is paying an insurance premium if you are not going to be able to utilize those benefits when you need them?–Trey Mills

When Allstate gives you problems, hold on tightly and give us a call to try and get their hands off from around your neck.


Kay Werts of Fountain Inn: Killed in Fatal Collision

The Greenville News was reporting that a fatal accident occurred between Ms. Kay Werts of 738 S. Old Fairview Road and a teenage driver this morning on Fairview Road in Greenville County.

You never know when a freak accident can occur. Please make sure you have your loved ones, friends, and even your enemies taken care of in times of need. It starts with:

  1. Full Coverage Automobile Insurance;
  2. Personal Injury Protection (P.I.P)/ Medical Payments;
  3. Handling Your Property Damage Correctly; and
  4. Avoiding Allstate Insurance Company Because They Suck

If you or your loved one has been injured in an accident, or as a result of another person’s ignorance, negligence, or omission, please feel free to call upon me at 864-231-7171 or toll free at 1-800-483-0880.