South Carolina Receives an “A” for Medical Liability Laws

The Associated Press has announced that the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) gave South Carolina an A for its medical liability laws and a B-plus for quality and patient safety, especially in handling heart attacks and strokes.

However, South Carolina did receive a “C” from ACEP for how it handles emergency medicine. Dr. William Finn, Emergency Medicine Chairman for Greenville Hospital Systems, stated that:

“The report accurately reflects conditions in South Carolina……The number of employees, primary care and mental health providers are well below average, as well as the number of pediatric specialty centers, like the children’s emergency department. We need more of those.”

This article is entitled “State Earns a ‘C’ in Emergency Care” but failed to pick up on the real gem of the report done by Emergency Physicians:


  • Does this mean the JUAand medical community are going to have to stop blaming those darn personal injury lawyers for all their woes?
  • Does this mean that doctors can come back to practice in the state of South Carolina after having been pushed out by high premiums (another alleged cause of those darn lawyers)?
  • Or were those problems totally ignored on factual basis and exploited in the media to hide the fact of JUA’s mismanagement of financial funds in the late 90’s (thus causing physician’s premiums to rise)?