South Carolina Free Medical and Dental Clinics

If you do not have any other resource to seek treatment for your injuries, ailments, disease, or disorder please use this resource to find medical and dental assistance.

We hope this helps you get the medical and/or dental treatment you need. No one should go without care in the United States. Additionally, those that are able should donate to ensure these facilities remain open.


For more specific local areas, please see below:

ANDERSON:  Anderson Free Clinic

GREENVILLEGreenville Free Medical ClinicNew Horizon Family Health ServicesNew Horizon Family Dental Care, and West End Medical Family Alliance

PICKENSClemson Free Clinic


If You Are Injured After a Wreck, Dog Bite, Slip & Fall or _______:Seek Medical Attention

It sounds so simple but so many people I interact with from GreenvilleAndersonOconeeSenecaClemson, and the remainder of South Carolina, have a hard time understanding that lawyers are not doctors.

If you are hurt, hurting, in pain, or otherwise not in the same physical, mental, or emotional state you were in prior to some traumatic injury, or incident, then you should seek medical advice.  Doing this simple act can help you on several fronts:

  1. This helps diagnose and assess your problems;
  2. This helps you get better; and
  3. This helps objectify and validate the change(s) in your condition.

Having grown up in the rural area of Prosperity, South Carolina and now working for people from similar areas of the state, the comment:

“I dont like going to the doctor. They are just going to give me medication and run up a lot of bills.”

is a comment I hear all too often. However, try telling that evil insurance company that you are hurt, hurting, in pain, or otherwise not in the same mental, physical, or emotional condition you were in before ____________. (fill in the blank-wreckslip & falldog biteinjury at work, and/or negligent product).

Try figuring out a reasonable and fair amount to be compensated for your injury when you are the only voice or piece of evidence in your favor. Think that evil insurance company will believe you more or a disinterested third party that has no interest in the outcome?

I know, most times the evil insurance adjusters wouldn’t believe they were on fire if they saw their skin melting but you can only do your part as a reasonable person. Leave the insurance fighting to those that do it all the time and fight for your rights–trial lawyers, aka Trey Mills.


Charity Events Don’t Just Help the Cause-They Help the Contributor

At some point every male that participated in the Outstanding Men of Greenville Bachelor Auction  last night was propositioned, pinned, cajoled, and otherwise guilt tripped into helping out for a good cause by Shay Hewitt.  I got caught when I was hanging out at the bar at Rick Erwin’s after a sales pitch by Chris Norton of Walton International. Ms. Hewitt came over working the crowd and discussing the amazing things that she has been involved in with her designing and event planning for good causes.

Next thing I know, I am at Sassafras in Greenville walking in front of a bunch of women with wine and other drinks trying to raise money by auctioning off myself. Fortunately for the fundraising part of this event, all was not lost and even I brought in several hundred dollars in bidding. I didn’t even have to give the signal to my cousin in the crowd to keep me from going too low. ( I had provided her with crisp 100’s to assist with a recession like market).

This week is/has been full of charity events and pro bono opportunities. (Don’t forget about the YMCA’s Blue Jean Ball for Camp Greenville). It’s good timing for giving back considering the recent passing of a local physical therapistScott Shuey. A man that lived his life in such a way to make you envy the purity and goodness of it.  Scott worked several doors down from my office and I would see him come in after receiving both his diagnosis and subsequent treatment. He went from a physically fit man to a physically fit bald man. He continued to do the things he loved and garnered the love and support of his community as his positive spirit and triumphant attitude reigned supreme.  Then news came from MD Anderson that all had been done that could be done. Scott returned back to his earthly home before returning to his heavenly home.

This week has been hard for me as a cancer survivor.  I am reminded of my mortality, my second chance at life and the most precious thing of all…… time.  The extra time I have been given to share with those I love. The extra time I have been given to help those in need. The extra time I have been given to make a positive impact on this world.

But the one who does not know and does things deserving punishment will be beaten with few blows. From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked. Luke 12:48


Life Is a Lot Like Running

I am NOT an avid, amateur, or competitive runner. I do not read Runner’s World on a regular basis. However, I do like to get out there on a beautiful day and exert some energy, get rid of some stress, and challenge my body to stay healthy.

Recently I have enjoyed getting back out on the streets and trying to increase my stamina. My left knee still gives me some grief but I enjoy the pain and struggle that running provides. I am the type of runner that enjoys running in the South’s 90+ degree weather and torturing my body. Sure there are the health nuts that think that is not healthy but neither is binge drinking/smoking/excessive eatingtomfoolery so let me pick my own poison.

I enjoy physically participating in the real life challenge of getting over the next obstacle in front of me. In Greenville, it is not that difficult to find hilly terrain to have a challenging jog. Lately, I have struggled with the hill coming from North Church Street, headed South towards the intersection of S. Church Street and University Ridge. It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t the last leg of my run.

That hill has taught me some things:

  • If I dread doing it, I’m not going to push myself to complete it;
  • If I stop before I get to the top, I lose the discipline to start back up and finish the task I set out to perform;
  • If I look too far ahead because of the distance that lies before me, I lose hope in my struggle and often times fail to complete it;
  • If I put my head down and focus on one step at a time it’s a lot easier; and
  • When I do blow past the top and turn the corner towards home, I feel like I can conquer the world!


A little “Eye of the Tiger” Rocky style to help those on Friday run out of their offices.