Making a Will in South Carolina

When I inquired with friends on Facebook about legal issues they would like to learn more about on my blog, the issue of making a will was top on their list.  Although I do not do Wills, Trusts, or Estates, in my law practice, it was on the SC Bar and I passed the Bar (that was before they threw questions out when people missed answers-click here to learn more).

will in South Carolina must be

  1. In writing;
  2. signed either by the testator or someone in his presence and by his direction; and
  3. signed by two credible witnesses, each of whom must have witnessed either the testator’s signing of the will or his acknowledgment of his signature of his will.

An article written by Betsy Simmons, J.D. entitled “Making a Will in South Carolina” goes over several key questions and should answer almost anyone’s general inquiries to making a will.  However, as Ms. Simmons’ biography indicates, she is a California lawyer.

No. You do not need an attorney to perfect a will. However, keep in mind that if you have varying incorporated entities, extremely valuable assets, and/or certain greedy relatives you know you do not want to have your possessions; you may think about paying an attorney to protect your interest.

Otherwise there are several online websites that offer templates for you to insert your personal information and complete a basic will. Some of those websites are listed below:

  1. US Legal Forms promoted by Dave Ramsey;
  2. Legal Zoom– ranges from $69.00-$119.00; and
  3. Nolo