South Carolinians Get the Shaft While SC Department of Insurance Drops the Ball

The South Carolina General Assembly Legislative Audit Council performs independent, objective performance audits of state operations. Their main goal is to ensure accountability in the management of public resources.

The Greenville News reported  “SC Consumers Paying Too Much For Insurance”. The Legislative Audit Council found mismanagement on the part of the SC Department of Insurance in ensuring South Carolinian’s best interest in the following areas:

Interestingly the report doesn’t talk about trial attorneys are runaway juries, it mentions more the mismanagement of the department in holding insurance companies accountable.  Oh well, no one will read the small print or take the time to read the report. What do they care? It will just raise their rates and make insurance companies tons of money. Ha. Ha. At the expense of South Carolina citizens. How funny is that?

Call and complain. Ask for accountability people. You pay taxes & insurance.  If you can’t trust the State to do its job why are you getting upset at attorneys for protecting your interest?

The phone number and address to the South Carolina Department of Insurance is below:

803-737-6205 – Fax       


Post Office Box 100105
Columbia, SC 29202