If We Only Had to Pay Insurance Reimbursed, Reduced and/or Recommended Prices

I am amazed every day with comments made by insurance adjusters or agents, servants, and/or employees working on behalf of insurance companies. Regardless of whether it has to do with my personal health insuranceautomobile insurance, property insurance, and/or other types of insurance.

It all boils down to insurance companies belittling, discrediting, discounting, ignoring, amending, omitting, and/or re-creating invoices, or bills, legitimately charged by professionals for services rendered.–Trey Mills

Let’s look at a few recent examples I have run across just this week:

  1. I needed medical treatment so I went to a medical professional, aka, a medical doctor. This medical professional went to school for over 20 years to be a licensed medical professional. The physicianprovided me with medical advice and treatment I needed. I filed it on my health insurance and when it was all said and done out of the $110.00 bill, my insurance company discounted it by $55.00 for a “network discount”.  I paid my $25.00 co-pay and because I have not met my $2,000.00 deductible, I owe the $40.00  remainder.  What the heck did the insurance company pay for? I am pretty sure if I was uninsured and had the ability to pay in cash I would have gotten a 50% reduction = $55.00. Instead, since I had health insurance, I had to pay $65.00. (Health insurance is truly for cancer and other catastrophic injuries/illnesses that happen in life. Other than that, bend over). There was a great article in the A. Times entitled “Why Require People to Buy Health Insurance”. Admittedly, I would rather have things privatized than governmentalized but what is the difference between an extra tax and mandating people pay insurance premiums? You say tomato. I say tomato.
  2. wrecked my carso I went to the only local certified manufacturer of my car within 100 miles and had the parts repaired and replaced. Since the wreck was not my fault, I notified the at fault party’s insurance company and requested they pay my repair bill (actual costs), my rental bill (loss of use), and depreciation. The at fault insurance company discounted my repair bill by over $300.00 because they felt it was over priced, offered me $10 a day for a rental car, and said that they do not recognize depreciation. (South Carolina law does and when I filed “Arbitration Pleadings” they paid me almost double their original offer).
  3. I have rental property so I needed insurance for those rental properties. One of my houses is centrally located within four houses from Falls Park in Greenville,SC. The lot alone is valuable, not to mention the “historic” two story house that is being remodeled. However, the replacement costs for the house, per the insurance estimate, is astonishingly low. I wonder what builders or estimators are providing those costs? I need to get them in there remodeling the house but then again, it would probably be put back together with glue and toothpicks.



Do I Need A Doctor, Lawyer, or Preacher?: Part 1-Injuries

The beginning of a 3 part series about this trilogy of professionals and how their services can be utilized for you or your family as it pertains to injuries.

  1. Doctorsas defined in Wikipedia:

A physician, medical practitioner or medical doctor practices medicine, and is concerned with maintaining or restoring human health through the study, diagnosis, and treatment of disease and injury. This is accomplished through a detailed knowledge of anatomyphysiology, diseases and treatment — the science of medicine — and its applied practice — the art or craft of medicine.

  • You go to the doctor when you are injured in an accident, fall down, get bitten by a dog, come down with a virus, or numerous other physical and mental conditions.
  • Nobody knows your body like you know your body. A doctor sees numerous patients a day so voice your ailments when you are in front of them. Don’t expect them to be mind readers.
  • Doctors want to help you that is why they went to school for over 20 years of their lives. However, they are human and this should always be remembered.
  • Immediately go to an Urgent Careor Emergency Room facility, if you have been injured in an accident and feel your injuries arise to this degree. Do not wait on permission from the at fault’s insurance company. They do not dictate your injuries and recovery.
  • When you see a doctor or go to a medical facility make sure you utilize your health insuranceMedicareMedicaidWorkers’ Compensation benefits, etc. If you have these supplemental payment arrangements: use them.
  • Why will my doctor not see me if I was in a wreck?That’s a great question. Ask them. More likely than not, it comes down to money and they want to get paid and not have to wait, which allows insurance companies to starve you out.
  • A great investigation and quick read is Christi Myers of HOUSTON,TX’s (KTRK) report entitled “Doctors Might Turn You Away After a Wreck”.