Work injury lawyer in Anderson, SC

No one expects to get hurt while they’re at work…but it does happen. Accidents at work can cause personal injury, permanent disability, disfigurement, or even death. If you suffer a work-related personal injury, you are entitled to receive benefits under the state workers compensation laws. These benefits include medical treatment for your personal injury, weekly workers compensation payments during your absence from work, compensation for permanent disability at the conclusion of your case when you are released by the doctor, and even mileage reimbursement for medically-related travel. You need to be sure that you receive all of the benefits to which you are entitled under the state Workers Compensation laws.

If you get hurt at work, it is imperative that you report the injury to your employer immediately—and request medical treatment if you need it.  Your employer should report the accident for insurance purposes.  If you don’t report your injury promptly, your worker’s compensation claim may be denied by your employer and its insurance carrier, and you will not receive benefits to which you should have been entitled.

We’ll help you get authorization for your medical treatment, compensation for income you’ve lost while you missed work, and fair compensation for your permanent disability and disfigurement.  We can make sure that you will get everything that you deserve under the state Workers’ Compensation laws.

Unless you’re very familiar with the state Workers’ Compensation laws, you might not receive the benefits to which you should be entitled.  Do you know the laws?  You can rest assured that the Employers and their insurance companies know the laws, and they are not in business to pay you fair compensation for your work injury and provide you with costly medical treatment – they are in the business to save money!  If you’ve been hurt at work, we strongly recommend that you consult a lawyer with extensive workers’ compensation experience. Mr. Ernest Trammell focuses his practice exclusively on workers’ compensation claims.


The legal system can be an overwhelming and intimidating process to go through, especially while recovering from a personal injury, and choosing the best attorney to represent you is no easy task. Wanting to find the best lawyer possible for your case is only natural, but a “good” lawyer can be subjective. Some people prefer to focus on being well-educated or experienced in the courtroom. Others believe the best lawyers are intuitive and think outside the box.

All these qualities make good lawyers, but what separates a good lawyer from a great one is having genuine compassion and care for every client. We understand that a personal injury at work can be a difficult and devastating experience and want to help you recover, both physically and financially. At Trammell & Mills Law Firm, we’re confident that we have GREAT lawyers with extensive worker’s compensation experience dedicated to successfully resolving your worker’s compensation case and helping you win the fight.